About the Province

Welcome to the Province and to our Website

This website is here to provide information for both existing Mark Masons and anyone looking to learn more about us.

We have no secrets, so please feel free to browse the pages, to learn more about our activities, events and history.

We are a relatively small Province in terms of numbers, but large in terms of our geographic area and the generosity of our hearts.

Provincial History

Our history begins in 1871, with the Consecration of St David’s Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 38 (then known as No. 25) in Llandudno, which came under the control of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of England & Wales in 1872.

Eight years later, a second Lodge of Mark Master Masons  – Snowdonia Lodge No. 259, was Consecrated in Porthmadog and in the same year the modern Province of North Wales was formed.

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The 2021 Provincial Team

Provincial Grand MasterJohn S. EvansElffin321
Deputy Provincial Grand MasterPhilip Joseph EdwardsSt Giles760
Senior WardenGwyn EdwardsColwyn1169
Junior WardenCharles William TurnerHunter324
Master OverseerDavid Alan EdwardsBuckley1703
Senior OverseerAnthony James LloydBuckley1703
Junior OverseerFaris RaoufEifl927
ChaplainAndrew Pettigrew DaviesSt Davids38
TreasurerDavid Purton TurveyBuckley1703
RegistrarJacob BuisSt Grwst1772
SecretaryColin Anthony LeminHunter324
Director of CeremoniesGareth Wynne DaviesHolywell1394
AlmonerPaul SeftonHunter324
Charity StewardMichael William PughSt Giles760
Inspector of WorksBryn HughesSnowdonia259
Sword BearerJonathan PrebbleSt Seiriol688
Deputy ChaplainEryl Wynne DaviesHolywell1394
Deputy SecretaryBrian Sion JonesSt Seiriol688
Deputy Director of CeremoniesAlan John ImpettSt Seiriol688
Senior DeaconGeorge A. G. WorkmanIdris821
Senior DeaconLes WolfendenDyffryn Clwyd1647
Junior DeaconRoger PritchardIdris821
Junior DeaconHoward MorganWelchpool1084
Assistant ChaplainFarrell Andrew Peter McManusWelchpool1084
Assistant Director of CeremoniesIolo Wyn JonesColwyn1169
Assistant Director of CeremoniesDavid RatchfordFlint1509
OrganistKenneth David WilliamsSt Giles760
Standard BearerJohn BartleySt Mabon919
Assistant Standard BearerAnthony Gerald HayesFlint1509
Inner GuardGeorge Stephen FoggHunter324
StewardElwyn GreenhalghColwyn1169
StewardPaul Reginald SmithFlint1509
StewardDavid Allan JonesElffin321
StewardJohn Myles CooperHawarden838
TylerWilliam Harrison TallontireSt David’s38

2019-2020 Team Visit Schedule

17/09/19St Seiriol 688MarkCentenaryBangor
07/11/19St Giles 760MarkInstallationWrexham
19/11/19Eifl 927MarkInstallationPwllheli
15/01/20Y Geninen 259RAMInstallationBangor
25/02/20St Giles 760RAMElevationWrexham
12/03/20Idris 821RAMElevationPwllheli
04/04/20RAM AssemblyRAMWrexham
08/04/20Idris 821MarkInstallationBarmouth
18/05/20Holywell 1394RAMInstallationMostyn
20/06/20Provincial Grand LodgeMarkConnah’s Quay