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New Fillable Forms

Brand new fillable Mark and RAM Provincial Installation Returns and Representative’s Reports are now available to download from the Documents page. Also available is a new Recommendation Form.

Unlike the old versions of the forms, which were effectively scans of their paper equivalent dating from decades ago, these new forms have been created from the ground up to allow Secretaries and Scribes to fill in the forms directly then save them, complete with the information that has been added. After saving, they can be re-opened and updated as required.

With the exception of a signature, which still requires pen and ink, these new forms will reduce the admin overhead involved with completing them.

Secretaries and Scribes who prefer to print the forms then manually fill them in by hand can still do so using the new forms, just like the old ones.

Please note that in order to be able to fill in and save the new forms, a modern version of Adobe Reader is required. Very old versions will not permit saving of the filled in document.