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Benidorm Visit 2020

Postcard from Benidowm

Postcard from Benidorm

The second cultural visit by members of the Mark Province of North Wales took place over the last weekend in January, we went out as members of the EU and came home as non EU members.

In order to ease our worries we decided to avail ourselves of the All Inclusive option at the Hotel, a great idea, congratulations go to our Organiser and Travel Agent, W. Bro Colin Lemin.

The weather was beautiful for the whole 4 days, no suntan required however as most of the time was spent indoors, no use wasting our All Inclusive Terms.

We arrived on Thursday morning to temperatures in the 20’s and after registering at reception we somehow found ourselves having light refreshments by the pool.

View from the hotel

View from the Hotel

On Friday morning we all ventured into Benidorm OldTown. We were all wearing our green RAM T-shirts, provided for us by Martin.

You would have though that we would be easily recognised but unfortunately three of our number contrived to get themselves lost having been dropped off by the Taxi at the wrong part of town. They then compounded their error by taking directions from a member of the group who was still recovering from the enjoyment of the night before. Still we all got back safely if just a tad tired and in need of another drink.

We were entertained on the Friday evening with a talk on the Victoria Cross delivered in a most superb manner by Bro. Mike Smith one of the Antique Roadshow Military experts. Bro Mike has promised to deliver the second part of his talk next year.

We finished the evening off by visiting a local bar, a second home to a couple of our group, the owners of the bar look forward to our visiting them, they make enough out of us to pay for their holidays.

Around the pool

Relaxing around the Pool

On Saturday we all attended the District Meeting of Spain and enjoyed a fantastic Festive Board afterwards.

We were all resplendent in our white table napkins (thanks again to Martin) our PGM presented a North Wales RAM T-shirt to the Assistant Grand Master and the District Grand Master, our PGM was then gifted a glass keystone as a memento of the visit.


Sixteen Brethren travelled out in our group and all returned unscathed, well relatively speaking. The landing at Liverpool Airport could be described as interesting, not so much a landing more a bumpy arrival on earth.

The PGM wishes to express his thanks to Colin for his organisation, to the drivers who got them to and back from Liverpool Airport (of which he happened to be one) and to all who travelled, what a great few days.

Not wishing to keep it to himself the PGM felt free to pass his cold on to all on the trip, he hopes that they have all now recovered, if not then he suggests a Brandy and Coffee might do the trick.

Here’s to next year.